Equality Objectives

Equality Objectives

The Equality Act 2010 covers all the types of discrimination that are unlawful. The Headteacher and governors of Langley Green Primary School have established a clear vision, rooted in an unwavering commitment to ensure the success of every pupil. Equality of opportunity is at the heart of this vision to ensure that all pupils will do well.
Avoiding discrimination and promoting equality supports the agenda of improving the attainment and progress of all pupils, regardless of their circumstances and backgrounds.

The protected characteristics of the Equality Act are:-
• Age (applies to schools as employers)
• Disability
• Gender reassignment
• Marriage and civil partnership (applies to schools as employers)
• Pregnancy and maternity
• Race
• Religion or belief
• Sex
• Sexual orientation

The governing body of Langley Green Primary School are responsible for ensuring that the school meets the requirements of equality legislation. This means that they will:

• Ensure the school takes all reasonable steps to ensure that its employees do not carry out unlawful discriminatory actions or behaviour.
• Support and guide the school to have due regard for equality in all its functions.
• Ensure the school complies with the Equality Duty.

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