The Government expectation is for children to achieve at least 96% attendance during the year.

We are continually striving to improve attendance. Our attendance officer monitors attendance and we reward children throughout the year in the following ways:-

  • Children achieving 100% attendance in a week, receive a special wristband.

  • The class of the week receives a trophy.

  • Children achieving 100% attendance at the end of each term receive an award. This year we arranged for an ice cream van to come into school. Please see the photos below of the children enjoying their ice creams!

  • Children achieving at least 98% attendance for the whole year receive a £10 gift voucher.

  • Children achieving 100% attendance for the whole year receive a visit to the cinema in addition to the £10 gift voucher.

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If your child is absent from school due to illness, please call the school by 9.30am and leave a message on our absence line. If we do not hear from you, we will call you to make sure your child is safe. In cases of sickness and diarrhoea children should not return to school for at least 48 hours.

choices-logo  Is your child well enough to be at school? Please click here for further guidance from the NHS.

Please avoid making appointments for your child to see a doctor, dentist etc. during school time. If unavoidable, please bring your child in to school to be registered first and then collect them in time for their appointment. Please allow enough time for office staff to collect your child from their classroom.

All family holidays must be taken during school holidays. The Headteacher is unable to authorise any withdrawal from learning except in very exceptional circumstances.

Please note a fine may be incurred for unauthorised absences of five days or more or parents may be taken directly to court. Please ask in the office for further details.

My child’s

attendance is:

How much Learning

has my child missed?

What does this mean?



0 weeks of

learning missed

Outstanding! Your child will be achieving their full potential.

Well done your child has excellent attendance



9 days across the year

1 week, 4 days of

learning missed

Your child has good attendance and a great

chance of success



19 days across the year

3 weeks, 4 days of

learning missed

We are worried about your child’s poor

attendance. Your child is missing out on the

learning opportunities at school

Less than 90%


28 days across the year

5 weeks, 3 days of

learning missed

This is very poor attendance and we are

seriously concerned.



       imagess13gex2n                    School Timetable

Morning session:

8.30am – 11.30am for England Class

8.55am – 12pm for Reception

8.55am – 12.10pm for Years 1 & 2

8.55am – 12.15pm for Years 3, 4, 5 & 6

Afternoon session:

12.30pm – 3.30pm for Scotland Class

1pm – 3.10pm for Reception

1.10pm – 3.10pm for Years 1 & 2

1.10pm – 3.15pm for Years 3, 4, 5 & 6