Success for All (Reading)

Success for All

Our aim

To improve reading standards for all children in the school so that every child reaches their full potential. Therefore, we have introduced the Success for All programme across the school.

What is Success for All?

It is a programme for teaching reading, writing, speaking and listening from Nursery to Year 6.The programme is based on research and has been used widely both in the USA and the UK.It has been proven to raise standards in reading and writing. Schools who use Success for All outperform schools nationally in the Year 6 SATs tests, and children make better progress in both Maths and English.

Success for All at Langley Green Primary School

* Children are assessed on their reading comprehension.
* They are grouped according to their reading ability.
* They are taught in ability groups across the school.
* They have a 90 minute Success for All lesson every day.
* Co-operative learning is a very important part of the programme – children work in teams and have a partner within their team.
* Children are assessed approximately every eight weeks and are re-grouped if necessary.


Children are individually assessed every 6-8 weeks.
Their progress is measured and they are re-grouped if necessary.
We receive support from Success for All to ensure that all children make progress.  They will support us with any children who fall behind.


Children following the Roots programme should practise reading their shared stories every day.
Children following the Wings programme should read for 20 minutes every day.  This can be a book of their own choice.
You can get books from the school library, Crawley library and class book collections for reading at home.